bradkphoto | About
I received my first camera at a very young age. I loved that camera, it was not anything particularly special but I loved it. I would take hundreds of photos of the family pets. As I grew older I thought that I wanted to be involved in the film production industry. So after I graduated high school, I packed my things and headed out west to Los Angeles. I spent one year in film school where I took a photography class. I realized that I disliked the process of creating films on a large scale level but I enjoyed the challenges of taking and compositing photographs.

With the rapid developments in digital photography around this time I decided to make the jump into DSLR cameras. I really enjoy capturing landscapes because it allows me to explore parts of the world and parts of my surroundings that I would not normally have thought to explore. However I also thoroughly enjoy the challenges that both wedding and portrait photography presents. That is why I started bradkphoto, it allows me to challenge myself and grow both creatively and perspectively with each photo shoot. My passion for this craft runs so deep that I am consistently thinking about when I can get back out to shoot and where that next image will take me. I hope that this comes through in each image and that my clients appreciate the work and approaches I take to deliver the best images possible.